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" I am a qualified,licenced,determined,enthusiastic,commited,friendly,forward thinking ,highly motivated , senior experienced, diagnostic medical radiographer currently working with a friendly patient focused team who delivers world class health care safely.

I pride myself on positive team work and professional advancement to reach my full potential. I can deal with patient sensitively. I always put my patient first, aiming to get it right and recognizing that everyone matters and doing everything with openness, honesty ,impartiality, involvement, collaborativeness and with decorum and regard for all with highest level of sympathy, sincererity, respect ,commitment and exceptional standard of practice while fully adhering to established rule of practice. I am also innovative, ambitious, goal driven compassionate and exceptional motivated and experienced with significant postgradguate experience in health care service delivery. I know this is an exciting prospect for me to progress professionally and personally within an outstanding trust with a world wide reputation, ambitious vision for its staff, patient and community it serves and so i apply with enthusiasm for the post of a medical CT/MRI radiographer. I cant wait to play a part in the attainment of the trust objectives. We are one team and best when we work together, team work helps the company achieves its dream.I encourage collaborativeness, setting common goal in working together and working together to achieve them in a professional manner.I give clear feedback and accept constructive criticism.

QUALIFICATION AND CDP. I am HCPC registered diagnostic Radiographer with a bachelor degree in medical Radiography and Radiological sciences from the prestigious university of Nigeria Nssukka, Enugu state.I have a post graduate diploma in computed tomography and post graduate diploma in view in MRI, each involving long hours of theoritical and practical classes on anatomy, physiology, techniques, staff, equipment and patient safety. I am committed to continuous development programme.I have attended several online CT/MRI online courses.

SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE I have over 5years of active and uninterrupted post graduation experience in diagnostic radiography. I have gained advanced clinical experience and skills in general radiography, mobile radiography and theater radiography, A/E, cross sectional imaging, fluoroscopy, mammography, general ultrasound scan including doppler scans and echocardiography. I have seen diverse case load ranging from inpatient, out patient, GP referrals, paediatrics,
geriatrics, conscious, unconscious, stable and restless patients. I currently work as a senior radiographers in one of the biggest hospitals in the south-south region of Nigeria where o work as a senior MRI and CT radiographer, formerly as an intern in federal teaching hospital ido-ekiti ekiti state Nigeria and as a locum CT radiographer in Ryan hospital (scan care ojodu berger),rotating around other modalities but working majorly in cross sectional imaging department. with this ample experience i can work independently and unsupervised, take initiatives and prioritizee my work load thus coping with multiple tasks.
I have a good logical and problem solving skills which enables me to analyze and respond quickly to any crisis that may occur on duty while remaining calm and objective, paying good attention to details and resolving problems. i can act on my initiative and be methodical, accurate and practical while solving problems, utilizing the resources available. I have a good understanding of magnetic resonance equipment, physics and principles with a working knowledge of various MRI procedures alongside extensive knowledge of MRI protocols with the diverse pulse sequences tailored for each patient type/conditions(SOL), Trauma, oncology for brain, abdomen and spine procedures. I have a broad understanding of MRI SAR, the consideration and precautions taken for patients with extensive tatoo, hypertensive patients, pregnancy patients, patients with drug regimen that affects thermoregulatory capabilities, e.t,c I know the different MRI artifacts, their possible causes and prevention, i posses excellent knowledge of MRI parameters manipulation and tradeoffs.
I am deeply devoted in safety, possessing up to date information on MRI safety guidelines and ensuring strict adherence to MRI safety guidelines(MRHA) thus protecting patients, staff and equipment, working in partnership with the administrative team in the course of their work. I can perform different routine and non-routine MRI investigations, i can comfortably operate different MRI machine types, having prior experiences with siemens (0.35 and 1.5) tesla machines, 1.5 G.E scanner machines.
I have a perfect understanding of the principles of computed tomography, its physics and a working knowledge of various CT procedures and protocols such as brain, high resolution CT of the lungs, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, spine, CT colonography e.t.c. I am also competent in the use of image interpretation and post processing tools including: 2D reformation, MPR (multi-planer reformation), 3D reformation and volume intensity projection. I can carry out CT examinations on different machine brands, ensuring patient identification and safety checks are completed before every examination.
I am also skilled in wide range of plain film radiography procedures. This includes theatre, ward, trauma imaging techniques, procedures and accurate machine manipulations to produce high quality radio-diagnostic images ensuring the clinical justification of any radiology examination request.
I am physically and mentally fit, able to withstand long hours on lead apron attires and moving, positioning, maneuvering complex equipment and aid patient transfer with good dexterity in line with local handling rules with out causing harm to my self and others.
I have advanced and extensive cross-sectional anatomical, physiological and pathological knowledge and have developed the ability to make a crucial / provisional diagnosis and a red-dot obvious pathology on the produced image.

I possess adequate skills on cannulation, the administration of contrast media, indication and contra-indications in line with the departmental policies when required. I also have a strong desire to obtain a certification as soon as possible.
I am an effective team player in a multi-disciplinary environment with well developed inter-personal skills, open, honest and a good communicator, always learning and improving. As a current AKV Diagnostic team member, I can fit well into any existing team world wide. I always relish and appreciate the opportunity to teach and supervise student radiographers and new members of staff, i am currently the radiographer in charge of tutoring and mentoring students and new members of staff in AKV.

I developed excellent and effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
I can communicate complex information effectively to a wide range of stake holders including patient and their families or careers, providing them with accurate information. when sensitive information is to be given to a patient, this i do with compassion, empathy and fore-thought.

In my previous and current roles, i have acquired experience and relevant skills in discharging my duty as a CT/MRI Radiographer. I am skillful in coping with claustrophobic, anxious or aggressive patients.
I an highly organized with good time keeping skills. I portray a good professional appearance and behavior, I have a flexible and adaptable attitude towards different ways of working. I have good organizational and managerial skills and taking responsibility, keeping accurate records of all investigations. I am committed to on-call, shift work, extended days, out of hour work and bank holidays as required.

I ensure that there is no discrimination in delivery of service. No individual is discriminated against by reason/virtue of their gender, gender-reassignment, race disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or religious/beliefs, marital status or civil partnership, frailty.

I actively participate in carrying out regular quality assurance and assessment tests on imaging equipment and supporting accessories, reporting faults and keeping records of test.

I do not disclose information about my patients. I ensure that all information both written and computer based, relating to patient's diagnosis and treatments, and personal details of staffs and patients are strictly confidential in line with Data protection act 1998 and the right to privacy under Human rights act 1998.

I have a good IT knowledge and make use of PACS, DR, CR and RIX in my daily practice. I accurately impute my patient's data.

I understand the importance of the radiographers regulations and policies and i adhere strictly to all, including: College of Radiographers Statement of Professional Conduct.
2. Confidentiality of patients records and data protection act. The NHS health and safety at works acts including COSHH, Moving and handling Regulations and local rules.
3. Ionizing radiation medical exposure regulations.(IR{ME}R) 2017, ionizing Radiation regulations(IRR2017) and departmental policies in regards to both CT imaging and conventional x-ray imaging.
4. HCPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics.
5. I am committed to safe guarding the interests of children, young and vulnerable adults.

I always ensure that i always protect myself, patients, visitors and colleagues from the risk of nosocomial infections.
I adhere to infection prevention and control policies at all times, communicating with the infection control teams and acting on any instruction given.
I regularly attend infection prevention and control update trainings.
I ensure god practice for the prevention and control of infection.
I safeguard at all times confidentiality of information relating to patients suffering from infectious diseases.

I have high expectations of the interviews and subsequently being in your trust.

Serial No: 121092

Skills keywords: bsc (hons) radiography, radiography
List Of Qualifications:

1)Bachelor of medical Radiography

2)Post Graduate Diploma in Computed Tomography.

Interests & Hobbies:

Traveling, playing football, research, music.

Previous Employment Details:

May 2021 till date.
AKV medical diagnostics.(Asaba specialist hospital delta state).

February 2017- March 2020. Scan care ojodu Berger.

March 2016-Febuary 2020.
Federal Teaching hospital ido-ekiti, Ekiti state.

Current location: Nigeria - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Medical and Nursing
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom