Following Brexit there have been legislative changes within the United Kingdom.

Temporary Workers

At this moment in time, it is no longer possible to hire temporary labour from the overseas market. However, do not despair, we have the capability and infrastructure in place to source directly from within the United Kingdom.

Our availability database is packed with workers looking for new opportunities. To take advantage of this we advise all employers to act quickly.

Internally we view temporary hiring as anything under 1 year. Companies often go down this road, the reasons vary:

  • Cover during busy periods
  • Seasonal variations
  • Reduction of hiring risk
  • Flexibility
  • Less worker maintenance
  • Aids growth and expansion

Regardless of the numbers involved, Skills Provision utilise a strict selection system, this means those presented in the Client Zone are highly suitable. There is an attrition element to our recruitment, this means the more we continually place suitable workers, the more we reduce recruitment costs, we are an asset to all employers.

If you are desperate for temporary workers and fear legislative changes will squeeze your business, don’t worry, simply contact our Support Team and you will be in safe hands.

If you would like more information on our temporary recruitment services, please contact us at the earliest opportunity, you can do this via:

Please note all enquiries are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.

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