Jobs (8) Scallop Processors, Visas Available, UK

Serial No: 120618
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Skills Provision United Kingdom is currently searching for Scallop Processors for positions in Paignton, Devon, UK.

Covering the whole supply chain from sea to customer, this family led operation has experience dating back 300 years.

If interested in these positions, please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Scallop, Seafood, Fresh, Shellfish, Appetizer


Based on experience


Additional Benefits

  • Accommodation assistance
  • Visa sponsorship



Process scallops (PECTIN MAXIMUS) for domestic markets (meat fully extracted from the shell) and export markets (meat retained in the cup part of the shell whilst removing the cut and frill of the scallop).


Applicant Requirements

  • 1+ years of experience in the fishing industry (experience with scallops would be welcomed)
  • Good knife skills (video evidence will be required).
  • Able to work in a temperature-controlled environment
  • If applying from outside of the UK, IELTS level 4.0 will be needed